How to Wear Prints and Patterns

Animal prints, plaids, stripes, florals, camo's...the list is never ending. When's the last time you threw a dope pattern in the mix and really pulled it off?

#GetTheLook: Camo-Glow Foil Tee

Create an ultimate look that is so far from the usual. I mean seriously, who really wants to be like the rest?

#GetTheLook: Black Mickey SnapbackRita Printed Crop Top, Kitten Denim Pant, Parisian Chain Belt

The style is YOURS and you have permission to be as unique as you want to be. Prints and patterns are all about making the outfit POP for fashions sake.

#GetTheLook: Wow There Printed Bodysuit, Wave Rider Cutoffs

Stripes: Vertical vs Horizontal

Horizontal stripes tend to wrap around your body and make it look wider - which isn't always a bad thing depending on what you're working with. However, when not worn properly you could end up accentuating the wrong places and that could put you in a bad bodied situation that you just do not want to be in, trust me.

#GetTheLook: Kylie Crossback Striped Dress, Oreo Snapback


Horizontal stripes accentuate and exaggerate. Vertical stripes are good for slimming and appearing taller.

#GetTheLook: Fame Striped Tank TopParisian Chain BeltKitten Denim Pant (top)

#GetTheLook: Persueded Crop Top, Young Pro Trouser Pants (bottom)


Pull them both off at the same damn time with this Optic Lusion Dress (pictured above).


Printed accessories always make an outfit more fun! Are you a Pineapple Snapback shorty or a Rose Bucket Hat kinda cutie? Check them both out and see... 

Kaydia Murphy

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