Summertime Fine

You’ve been delivered! You’re welcome.  It’s SUMMER! So if you haven’t updated your closet nor have absolutely NO idea what to do, this site will be your Holy Grail to figuring it all out. New styles consistently, updated trends, live it up, live it down, you name it, I dare you to browse.
But before I let you venture off, there’s a few tips I want to give you to make the experience worth it. #DosAndDonts
Have fun! There's so many versatile pieces to choose from and create looks with, so you should have fun with them. Throw a wildcard in the mix, like these kitten ears...
Be confident in knowing that there is at least one way to rock anything you buy. How? you ask. Well, if you are looking at an item in the first place then that means it obviously has some potential to look great on you. Use the buy-and-try method; it's okay to buy something that you aren't completely sure about just to try your style skills, which leads to our next point...
Try something new. That box you’re in is getting a bit cramped. Yeah, we said it. So you think prints aren’t really your thing. Well, you know what, pair them with the right solid layers and you’ve got a traffic stopping outfit. Who doesn’t want to stop traffic?
Know your body type. Okay, let’s talk facts; we all don’t have the same body type. Hehe, shocking I know right. So you may not have the body type to just full out rock a crop top and that’s okay. I promise...because it will probably look hotter with a layering piece anyway.
Know the tricks:  Go for pieces that halt right above the belly button like the Rita Multi-Print set shown above. The two will meet mid-section, and then it's what belly?
So there you have it, we'll give you a few of the basics for now but remember, it’s a catch 22. When you look amazing, you feel great and when you feel great you look amazing :-)
Are you ready to look amazing? Start with some of the basics by clicking here.
Kaydia Murphy

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