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Necessary Looks is the ultimate online shop, curated by supertwin duo Jas & Ness. Their fashion expertise comes from a quality education and well-rounded experience working in the industry as designers and stylists, taking on positions both behind the scenes and in front of the camera. It was created with their emphasis on the importance of style, and how everyone can achieve a great one simply by paying attention to the details. Here is where they show you everything they've learned, including:

  • How to look like a million dollars and only spend $100 (or less)
  • Makeup tips and tricks
  • Fashion dreams and nightmares
  • Dressing for your body type 
  • Staying ready, so you never have to get ready...(or get left!)
  • How to #GetTheLook 
  • Inspiration and motivation from the top influencers in fashion, music, art, and entertainment

Shop now and evolve your style, with the #NecessaryLooks

Jaynessa Rose

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