Getting Dressed w/ Jas & Ness

#PressPlay to watch how Jas & Ness put together pieces from the Necessary Looks collection!
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Filmed by: Jose Espinoza
Alex Hutchiwood
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TWINS x @Underground_NYC

If you happen to have Instagram like the rest of the world and have not yet joined the 121,000 followers of the popular @Underground_NYC, I'd suggest you hit the follow button now! This guy is one of the dopest with the most original style photography to date and of course your faves couldn't pass up the chance to link up with the mystery man during our New Years trip to NYC. Check it out below. . .
Jasmine Rose
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Jas & Ness: Comfy and casual in NYC

Jasmine Unique Rose  x  Jaynessa Monique Rose





Andrew Morales

IG: @StayClassyNY 

Alex Hutchiwood
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Jas & Ness: Fashionising in San Francisco w/ photographer Darren Pineda

TWINS in San Francisco INSTAGRAM: @DxTwoNine
Darren Pineda
Jasmine Rose
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Jas & Ness: Fashionising w/ Vintage Parrot

While the Jas & Ness style is very interchangeable, our most favorite fashion category would definitely have to be VINTAGE! For this shoot, we spent the day walking up and down the streets of LA with international vintage buyer/stylist Saskia Jung. Take a look below to see what we found. . .
. . . of course, we wouldn't be able to properly welcome Saskia to LA without taking her to In-N-Out Burger. LOL
Saskia Jung
Jasmine Rose
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Jas and Ness host first Pop-up Shop: Fashion, Music and Cuties


In celebration of the launch of we figured it was only right that we go back home to where it all started: our hometown of Sacramento, CA. The event was held from 2-9pm at the popular Still Grindin' street wear brand store. Model/actor cutie Keith Powers and the talented brother duo Blaq Tuxedo came through to co-host and preview their current projects as well. Ness and I of course wanted to have a dope event and sell our pieces, but more importantly, we wanted to unite Sacramento talent on the come up. We invited the whole city to come out, shop the collection and party with us. It was cool to see not onlyour closest friends and family, but also fresh faces, old classmates and even our Instagram followers came to support us!  The pop-up shop was an overall success with a great turnout. #PressPlay




BJ Colston

IG: @PhotoBTookThat



 Team JYH

IG: @JadoreAndMore



1195 Florin Rd. Suite 6 

Sacramento, CA 95831

IG: @StillGrindinXupgrade

Jasmine Rose
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